8th anniversary of Gethsemane Church in Chervonohrad

24th anniversary of Gethsemane Church
Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

8th anniversary of Gethsemane Church in Chervonohrad

80 km north of Lviv in the town of Chervonohrad there is an evangelical community, started by our church 8 years ago. Pastor and a group of church leaders and members went to bless and pray for the church. Deaconess Natalya Sergeyeva, who leads the local community, spoke the greeting word of gratitude to God for His faithfulness and mercy for them.

Deacon Slavic Vorovchenko reminded of the beginnings of the church with pictures illustrating of the church activities in 2017 -2018. Pastor Valeriy Marchenko spoke a message on how God transforms us over time to produce the image of His Son with-in us.


During the greeting time, deaconess Natalya Sergeyeva was presented with a special scroll—an artistic presentation of Psalm 90. Then all the local church members were given each a Christian card with Bible verses in expectation of it being a special word to them from the Lord.

A group of church members from Lviv with some small group leaders performed recited a Christina poem and performed the song “The Lord is My Shepherd”. Mirra Vorovchenko, the daughter of deacon Slavic, performed a song “I believe without seeing”. After the service, there was a buffet and informal interaction over sandwiches and pies.


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